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Questions to ask a potential DUI Lawyer, as answered by FIELDS LAW FIRM.

  1. How many years of DUI case experience do you have ?
    I have been defending DUI cases over 38 years.
  2. How many continuing legal education (CLE) hours of DUI courses did you take within the past 5 years ?
    I have taken over 300 hours of exclusive DUI courses.
  3. How many DUI cases have you handled in the past 5 years ?
    I’ve handled over 500 cases in the past 5 years.
  4. How many DUI jury trials have you had ?
    My answer; I’ve had over 50 DUI jury trials.
  5. How many DUI case have you won ?
    In over 30 years of practice I’ve won over 700 cases through dismissals at preliminary hearings, motion hearings and trials.
  6. What percentage of your practice is DUI defense ?
    My answer; 95% of my practice is DUI defense.
  7. What training do you have about how the Intoxilyzer works?
    I am a certified Operator and Maintenance Technician
  8. Do you own an Intoxilyzer?
    I have owned an Intoxilyzer for a number of years and use it during trials to cross examine police officers and explain to juries why it doesn’t work correctly.
  9. Are you certified in Fields Sobriety Testing (FSTs)
    I have the same certification for FST administration as police officers do which enables me to find and expose the errors they commit.


General practitioners lack the specialized training and dedication required to defend DUI cases. They are very much like family doctors and are adequate for routine matters. You would not want your family doctor to do heart surgery. You should never hire a general practitioner to defend a DUI case.

We focus on DUI defense and W. Lamar Fields is a specialist. He is a member of the National College of DUI Defense with over 700 members who exchange ideas on a daily basis. They conduct seminars which draw experts from all over the world who have helped us understand the flawed science used to convict innocent people like you. Fields is even a certified operator and maintenance technician of the Intoxilyzer, the breath testing device used by the State of Georgia. We know your case. We can help.


Important 30 Day Deadline Created By This Document


Georgia department of driver services form

The arresting officer is required by law to serve you with a copy of this DDS 1205 form along with the traffic citations if you either;

 1.  Took a breath test and registered above a .08 or,

2. You refused to take a breath or blood or urine test ,

This form initiates a license suspension process that is completely separate from the DUI criminal charges.  AN APPEAL MUST BE FILED WITHIN 30 DAYS or your license could be suspended for a period of UP TO ONE YEAR with no work or other permit of any kind.




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